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Morningstar Inspirations


Statement of Faith
For Children

Everything on this page is free so enjoy!

Please feel free to email me and let me know how you like the items on this page, or if you need help with installation.

All files have been scanned with McAfee Antivirus and are virus-free at time of posting.

Screen Savers

for Windows 95 and above.

The Prophets Screen Savers

These slide show screen savers were made using Dore's Bible Illustrations These black and white illustrations of the Old Covenant prophets are dramatic and beautiful. The music included in the screen saver is from Mozart's Requiem.  Installation instructions are included in the read me file. You will need a zip program to extract it. To download just click the above link and select save. (Copyright information is included in the read me file.) Both Prophets 1 and Prophets 2 are small versions of the full length screen saver Prophets. The full version file is 4.5 MB. If you would like the full version of Prophets please email me and I will send you the download link.


Prophets 1

prophets 2